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About Our PPC Management Services

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What is LSA?

Google Local Service Ads (LSA) are a specific set of ads offered on Google search results for over 70 Home and Professional Service industries.

After going through a verification process and background check, qualified businesses will be able to serve ads through Local Services. These ads link to your GMB to show reviews and comes with a handy Google Guaranteed badge.

The catch? You’ve absolutely got to keep up with maintaining your ads account. Missed calls/messages, not classifying leads and poor account structure and more can drive down your visibility.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click, or PPC and also known as Paid Search Marketing, is a strategy focused on buying visibility through search engines (Mostly Google).

Every time your ad is clicked by a user you are charged for the click. How much depends on the market, industry, keywords, time of year, competitors, etc.

This is a quick start, quick results strategy that can aid businesses in gaining more online visibility. It is also serves as secondary or mid-funnel strategy in most businesses marketing plans. Supporting SEO, branding, display and many other strategies.

PPC Management Services

What makes us different?

We REFUSE to use any AI or automation tools to drive decisions for the campaigns of our customers. We take the time to understand your business and create custom PPC campaigns to fit your products, services and audience from the beginning. As a small business, we understand well that there is not budget to “waste”. Preparation, research, constant upkeep and the refusal to use automated software are what set our campaigns apart from the other agencies.

Keeping Up With Your Campaigns

Weekly Audits

Our PPC Campaigns go through a weekly 17 point checklist for quality control and accountability. Here are only a few items on the list:

ppc management
ppc management

Made For Your Businesses

Hands On PPC Management

We do NOT and will not automate any of our PPC campaigns. Every account, every campaign, every ad is made with experience and human effort. We have actual people reviewing accounts every single week and following our 17 point weekly checklist, so that we hold ourselves accountable for our customers.

Keep A Pulse On Your Digital Assets

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SEO & Local SEO

Gain rankings for prominent keywords in your local market.

PPC & Google LSA

Maximize your advertising dollars and achieve a higher ROI.


We offer consulting and auditing services for businesses looking for guidance.

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